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  • "My family and I have been going to Dr. Caselle for many years.I broke a tooth a last week and he immediately got me in for an appointment. He saved the tooth and repaired it, it looks better than it ever did! Dr. Caselle is not only a dentist, he is an artist!"
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  • "I have been going to Caselle Dental for three years and have had a positive experience every time. The hygienists are always so nice, my appointment is always on time, and the office is clean. They do a thorough job cleaning my teeth and I feel like I am getting the best dental care."
  • "Went for my cleaning today. Everyone is always so happy to see me. I feel like we are friends. My cleaning went well. A few touchups need to be done, they are always so accommodating. They are a great office to do business with, every time"
    - Denise F. -
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How can laser gum treatment benefit me?

If you face periodontal (gum) surgery or treatment, you may wonder about all of the hype surrounding laser gum treatment. At Caselle Dental, we implemented this state-of-the-art procedure for the comfort and health benefits of our patients.

Periodontal disease requiring surgery involves removing all diseased tissue so that healthy tissue can grow back without risk of infection. Traditional surgery required incisions that often caused lengthy healing times. Additionally, traditional gum surgery lacked complete precision due to the nature of traditional surgery.

With laser gum treatments, we can precisely remove diseased tissue and promote healthy tissue regeneration using a soft tissue laser. Lasers provide our patients with faster healing times, increased comfort, decreased bleeding, and a better overall experience.

Laser gum treatments are not limited to periodontal disease treatment. We can use soft tissue dental lasers to treat cold sores, canker sores, perform cosmetic gum reshaping (gingival sculpting), and gum surgeries such as tongue ties and frenectomies.

At Caselle Dental, we strive to continually provide the latest technology that modern dentistry has to offer so that we can give you the best dentistry in the most comfortable way possible. 

To learn more about laser gum treatments, contact our Wilmington, MA dental office.

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